In celebration of the world Geographic Information Systems day, Bushbuckridge Local Municipality hosted a GIS Celebration on the 27th November 2013, at Kruger National Park, Protea Hotel. The main purpose of the celebration was to build geographic awareness as well as to educate community members on the importance of geographic information system.

The theme for the event was “Let us understand our community better”. Geographic information such as locations, areas with water backlogs and sanitation, property data can be easily accessed in all the municipal regional offices. The municipality have appointed GIS champions whose main task is to provide geographic information to community members, businesses, stakeholders, non-governmental organizations and government departments as and when requested.

GIS is a computer -based mapping tool that takes information from a data base about a location such as a street and turns it into visual layers. GIS is critical for urban planning, disaster response, crime analysis, conservation and transport planning.

GIS day is celebrated annually on Wednesday of National Geographic and Geography Awareness week which is always held on the third week of November.

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