Bushbuckridge is notably a rural municipality and the apartheid regime planning has prominently disadvantaged Bushbuckridge and its citizens, as a result the municipality today is facing real life challenges which are very much demanding and requires billions of rand to address those challenges. Bushbuckridge must first deal with the old and dilapidated infrastructure and create platform to fight poverty, create descent job opportunities and stimulate local economic development

Bushbuckridge has only two main economic drivers, namely agricultural and tourism sectors. The tourism sector has been prioritised as the new gold mine of Bushbuckridge, as the municipality believes that with all the tourism activities found in our area and the municipality being one of the gate-way municipalities to the world renowned Kruger National Park, unemployment and poverty challenges could be dealt with taking advantage of the tourism sector.

The municipality’s Economic Development, Planning and Environment (EDPE) Directorate headed by the Hon. Member of the Mayoral Committee: MMC Cllr Leonard Malumane and the Director: Mrs Sarah Mogakane, the newly formed Bushbuckridge Local Tourism Organisation(BLTO) chaired by Mr Sizile Ndlovu and all other important stakeholders are breaking new grounds in the tourism and agricultural  sector. They are hard at work exploring all opportunities presented by the agriculture and tourism sectors

The municipality has recently discovered a possible operation of an R8 billion Bushbuckridge Stainless Steel mining factory. The progress of opening the mine is in the pipeline and the paperwork is in an on-going process. Over 3000 artisans will be trained and a further 3000 skilled personnel will also be necessarily trained in the management and operation of the plant.

The Bushbuckridge local municipality is delighted to announce that after the project has been blessed and given the green light, unemployment and poverty will be a thing of the past by 2018 which is the anticipated commencement date of the stainless steel project operation.

Other projects implemented and in operation with the total number of beneficiaries, reviewed projects and those under implementation and those to be implemented in the next financial year.

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