Mr. C Lisa, currently appointed as Municipal Manager as of January 2015 to date. Mr. Lisa joined the municipality since 2002 – 2007 as the Municipal Manager. Mr. Lisa had work experience in order include being a Director at Pick Stone Estate mine Zimbabwe (February 2011 – 2014), In the City of Johannesburg as Chief Executive Officer in 1996 – 2001, Co-coordinator: social development in 2001, Public Private Partnership Convener in 1998 – 1999. Other work experience in order include being Local Electoral Officer at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Senior Assistant Registrar (HOD) 1994 – 1996, A Massachusetts based corporation USA: Consultant at ABT Associate INC in 1995, Personnel Researcher at WITS Graduate School of Public Development Management in 1993 – 1994 and part- time Assistant Warden- Pioneer &Park town at University of Wits in 1991 – 1996.

The Municipal Manager hold the following qualifications from the University of Witwatersrand: Master of Science in Development Planning (1993), Higher Diploma in Development Planning (1992) and BA Degree in Development Planning (1990). Professional membership include: Development Planning Association of SA and South African Planners Institute.